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Setting and customizing our own blog is very troublesome. Especially for those who have minimal knowledge about web designing like Me! I watch a lot of Youtube videos and blog posts on how to setup an awesome blog with great theme. Somehow after a small research I finally ended up with these themes and settings. However, I was not that much satisfied with my own designs. So this week I tried to know about all the wordpress tools and settings.

Thats the moment I found this blog:wpbeginner means wordpress for beginners. A wonderful blog with great tips and tutorial to setup an awesome blog.

Here are the reasons why you should be wpbeginner subscriber today.
~ Great tutorials to help you setup your wordpress blog. In their tutorials they explain things very simply. And what I love the most is their videos are short .
~ WordPress tools and widgets coupons. All of us want to have best tools and widgets in our to have a great blog. Here the good news, wpbeginner gives discount coupons to own these best tools.
~ Glossary, this is what I need the most. Some words used by the computer programmers are not understood by normal people like us. So this glossary will be handy when we are not sure what is that word all about.
~ Bored with their written tutorials? Try out their video tutorials! Awesome way to keep you engaged and focused. Personally I love video tutorials compared to written tutorials.
~ Still having problems in setting up your blog? Take training and consulting with them. They are ready help you.
~ Still not satisfied with your blog design? Simple, just ask them to design it for you. They offer custom wordpress design service.

I had subscribed their videos and really love them all. Hope this blog post help you. If you have any other suggestions or know any blogs that gather all blog setup tutorials, please comment below.

To be a subscriber of wpbeginner click the image above, you will be directed to their website 🙂