” You need to be a writer, crafter and teacher ” – To be a great craft blogger


Why small business owners need YOUTUBE?

Obviously everyone knows Youtube means VIDEOS.

but why do we need that?

For my business I already open facebook fanpage, twitter account, my own website, pinterest, instagram etc etc. Why do I still need to invest my time opening account in Youtube and do videos and get likes from others? What benefits do I get from it? people like to be social media more than anything else right?

This is how I thought before I got to know all these things about Youtube.

  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine (after Google).
  • 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, or one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second.
  • Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day.
  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month.
  • Over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube.
  • More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years.
  • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or almost 140 views for every person on Earth.

After read out all these points I finally know the reasons why I should open an account today itself. Soon I’m going to post my video also..yeah!!! I already thought and plan where should I shoot my video, how to take my shots, how I should talk in my video and etc etc. I’m very excited about it..

Back to the point..where were I? ahhh..the reasons.

The first reason is higher reach. From the first bullet points we already know that after Mr.Google people love Youtube. Only by providing what customers wants we bring up our sales right? The same thing here. We have to be in Youtube since customers love Youtube. Why they love it? Simple- easy accessibility, user-friendly, fun and interesting way of conveying a message. People like it because it’s not in the form of a lousy presentation, talk or long written document.

Moving to the second point videos touches people heart easily. Naturally all humans are emotional. Either we agree or not, we will be very connected to some issues or some things in particular. For me, I’m very sensitive to mother sentiments and love. Some of us like inspirational things. So by producing emotional videos we can indirectly attract our future customers who lead to sales. Not only these, people will be with you if you able produce a good video. What I mean here is videos are great way to grab people’s attention. They will stay focused and be with you if you convey your message in a video. 

Moving to the next and final point.

Youtube can be used as a great marketing tool. Using videos in E-Mail marketing generates 2-3 times higher click-through rates compared to static E-Mails.

so why are you still hesitating to open account? Open it now and and enjoy great features of youtube!!! 

After register, leave your link as a comment below so that I can follow or subscribe your videos.

That’s all.


why blogging important for crafters?

ImageWhat is blog? The answer is simple. It is a place to express yourself. Just like facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media, blog also can be used to express your feeling, your way of life or any messages that you want to said to others. Blog is used for personal or business. Now we only focus on business.

As a crafter do we need a blog? Yes, we do. 

Blog will be best tool for promoting your crafts. I know some of you want to ask me this – – “We have so many alternative ways of promoting but why blogging?” The only thing i can say is keep on reading if you want to know the answer.

Our primary reason of blogging is to drive traffic to our site. By continuously writing great content for your readers you may able to get many followers. These followers indirectly may turn out to be your customers one day. Of course all this does not happen in one night. It depends on your content, diligence, your way of approaching them and mainly your frequency of writing blog posts. We are blogging to know more about what our customers want from us. So we should keep that in our mind while blogging. One tip I would like to share is that when blogging we have to remember that we are talking with people who want to know more about us and how we can help them out. They are not our customers yet! Only by sharing our knowlegde with others we can earn a loyal followers who may become our future customer. Remember sharing is caring. Use blog to help others, not to sell things!

Secondly we should blog to increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All of us want our brand or what we sell to be well known. How to do that? By promoting of course. Blogging helps you to do that. Not only you will get followers but it will help you to build your brand. I’m very sure that all of you knew about the well known search engine Google and how it works. We only need to type keywords and we can find relevant articles about it. But have you noticed one thing when people use Google. They only click the links in the first page. They don’t bother about other links on second page, third page and so on. Why is it so? Simple. They are lazy to do that. So in order to get people to your site you have to be in the first page. Search engine optimization works based on two things keywords and frequency. When you are blogging try to include keywords in your articles at least three times so that it is easy for SEO to identify it. Don’t write it too often or else it will make the article awkward. Secondly let’s talk about frequency. The more you blogging, the higher the probability your page will be on the top of google search result. So in conclusion we can say that by blogging more often you can be in the top of google search result.

Are you still reading? If yes, that’s good. Continue to read to find out the last important reason why we should blog.

Finally we have to blog to develop a good customer relationship. By blogging you’re personally connected with your audience. They will feel more close to you when you able to help them out. 

That’s all. 3 simple but important reasons why you should start blogging by today. And I would like to share a video on how to set up a blog within 4 minutes by Eugene Hennie.

Enjoy watching.

If you find this article useful, share with others. 🙂


Right price bring more sales

Most of us in craft business don’t know how to price our own products. We are afraid to put higher price tags on our products because we think that customers may think it’s not a reasonable price. Thus we end up putting lower price tag to our products. Most crafters are preoccupied that lower price means more customers. But they fail to realise that customers judge your products based on their price. If you put lower price compared to others they may think: why this product have lower price? is this product have higher quality? will this product last long?

So how to price your product reasonably? Reasonable price will give you not only good profit but also promotes your brand as a quality brand. Here is a simple formula to price your product:

material + labor cost + expenses = wholesale x 2 = retail price

Let us discuss everything one by one.


Material cost :
Material cost is sum of cost of each material you used in the making your craft.
For example in order to make a toy you use fabrics, buttons and fiberfill.
Let say you buy fabrics for $10, buttons(50 in a pack) for $5 and fiberfill(500 gm) for $5.
If you used only 2 buttons and 100gm fiberfill for one toy.
Material cost will be : $10 + [($5/50) x 2] + [($5/500) x 100] = $11.20

Labor cost :
This will be the important part your pricing your product. Most of the crafters understimate the value of the time they spent to make a craft. First determine how much time you spent roughly to make a product. Then fixed an hourly wage for yourself. That’s all the product of time you spent and hourly wage is your labor cost. I let you fixed yourself your own hourly wage because only you know how much effort you had put on to make a product.

Expenses: Most of the crafters forget to include expenses when putting price tag on products.

Expenses include:
1. Transportation fee to your studio/ working place
2. Postage fee
3. Packaging fee
4. Small percentage of utility bills ( electricity, water ..)
5. Small percentage of internet bills
6. Small percentage of rental fees
7. Small percentage of advertisment bills

And any other expenses that you think appropriate.

Finally by including all these three (material cost + labor cost + expenses) we can get the wholesale price.
According to wholesale price is the price offered to purchasers of manufactured goods or to commercial sellers in many cases.

By doubling the wholesale price we can get our retail price. That’s is the price you should put in your price tag.
One thing we all must understand is that we should put our price reasonably and don’t underestimate your talent. Always remember that is the price for your talent and you deserve it.

That’s all 🙂

by Lucky Piria

Find The RIGHT CUSTOMERS to get more Money!!!



How to find the right customers?

If you are asking this question to me then, you already know why target market is very important.

For dummies out there, who still just reading this blog for fun or maybe some let me tell you briefly.

Target market is very important because then only you can sell your products easily. Just imagine everyday you are promoting your product day and night, but you never get the result you want to get. Sure you will be frustrated, angry and give up. Well if you are in the stage of give up, DON’T GIVE UP. You experienced all this failure because you haven’t found your targeted audience. 

I was once a dummy like you. Posting about my product here and there but no sales at all. Finally after following some steps I understood why I failed all these days.

Here it’s time for you stand up and success in your business.

STEP 1: Know About Your Own Product.

Of course I know you know about your product. But understanding some important things about your product will help you determine your target audience. For that, ask several questions to yourself.

  • What am I selling?
  • What makes it so unique compare to my competitors?
  • To whom I want to sell it?
  • Why should people buy from me?

This questions looks simple but think carefully before you answering them. 

Do it now!!! Take a paper, write these questions down. Answer them properly.

Are you done it?

If yes scroll down, if NO do that FIRST!!!


Well after you answer the four simple questions, you will now know your product’s special feature, your market (not the niche market) and finally the problem you’re solving for your customers. To sell a product, you must know what problem you are solving for customers. For example, I’m a plush toy maker. I identified that there is no sound creating plush toy in the market. I will solve this problem by having a recorded voice inside the plush toy. By this method my plush toy becomes unique and I found that my market is people who want plush toy with sound.

Networking step is just a confirmation step. You just have to ask your friends, family members or even strangers to confirm about your main market. Talk yo them about your product. Don’t try to sell. Ask around. Don’t be shy. Get out of your comfort zone. 

STEP 3: Research

yaa…I know it’s kinda boring right..but you have to do it…

Actually already make things very easy for you. Just ask question to him about your market and you will find the perfect answer. Try to read your competitors website and determine what is their targeted market. Join in some forum related to products and ask question to professional and I’m sure they will answer your questions. All this research will finally help you find your niche market.


Are you blur with the words “target market” and “niche market” ?

if yes, read this..or else just skip to the next step.

Target market is a group of potential customers who share same characteristic related to your product. as you know, I’m a plush toy maker. My target market is people with children.

In niche market you will be more focused. For instance, in my case I will be targeting “People with girl children aged from 8 to 12.”.

STEP 4: Familiarize yourself with your market.

You need to understand about your niche market’s demographic and psychographic terms. This will be very useful when you promote your stuff.

The best way is imagine that your niche market is a person. YES YOU ARE CORRECT…… IMAGINE!

For those who still thinking “how to imagine?”

Come let me share with you. 

As usual you need to ask questions about the 

  • gender
  • age
  • education
  • marital status
  • religious background (if it connected with your stuff)
  • lifestyle
  • likes

All this questions will make your niche market look like a person in your powerful mind. what next?

Promote your stuff just by thinking that you are talking to this imaginary person. Your customers will feel connected and will engage with you.


Just follow this simple steps to find your niche market.


If you love this blog post. share it with your friends.

thank you.



You own a shop now!!! Now read this to get more customers.


No matter what you sell

Again I repeat,

No matter what you sell, your sales depends on your MARKETING STRATEGIES!

With some money you can always set up shop anywhere easily but without a proper marketing there will be no sales in your shop.

So the question now is how to do marketing?

If the same question hits your mind then you’re with me in the right track..

Keep following me..

Today i just going to focus on social medias

If you used them properly they will be your money-giving trees and of course bring new customer-fruits (nahh…just kidding) and finally will be the perfect root for your business as well.

Now enuf of this intro..let me go straight to the point.

As a business person I won’t say that you should have an business account in pinterest, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

But it will be very good if you have them..

STEP 1: Open accounts in social media

Don’t ever underestimate the power of social media. a small view, one share,one like can bring a big impact in your business life. Since IT’S TOTALLY FREE why are you hesitating?

If you already own all these, THAT’S GOOD. keep it up.

Just erase the step 1 from your mind totally. now let’s move on.

STEP 2: Promote your shop!!!

Aahhhh…this is the important part.

You can promote in many ways

  • Add yourself in other social media groups that are similar to your business. for instance, i’m crafter and i join crafts groups.
  • After joining, actively give comments on other’s post, follow them, read and most importantly post questions. There more you engage with them, the more they want know about you. Now see you are indirectly bringing your future customers without a single penny out from your pocket. But remember don’t just post because you want their attention. You must post with the enthuasism of learning. without passion and enthuasism, you can never move forward in business.
  • Next, share what you’re doing, your ideas, tips and anything you do in you own business page. don’t try to sell your items. Just tell about your items. i know you are confused. But there is a difference. When you try to sell, people just walkaway but if you tell them what it does they may consider buying it. The second approach will always work because you are not forcing them to buy. For example, if are cloth designer and recently made a scarf. you can post about different ways of wearing the scarf.
  • Post something personal about you sometimes. Remember your customers are humans too. Our main motive of having social medias are to interact with others. So tell them about you and your family. You can tell about your recent family event or gathering, your inspirations, your sweet memories that are linked to your business. Anything that can create a lovely bond between you and your customers.
  • This is the most effective marketing way. “GIVEAWAYS”. even I myself would love a lot if able to get my favourite things for free. So do some giveaways. Don’t think that you are losing some profits. think that you are bringing new customers. Indirectly you are doing marketing. no matter what you do remember there is marketing.
  • Do promotion. Promotion with scarcity can bring your sale sky rocket.


STEP 3: Keep doing what you doing and never stop learning

Remember there is always room for learning. Keep on learning in your area of expertise and I’m sure you will discover a lot things. Keep on updating in your social medias to be noticed by your future customers.

If you like this blog means, share it to others.

I will appreciated it alot.