Happy New Year!!!

HAPPY NEW YEARHappy New year everyone!

New year, new beginnings, new life, new experiences and new OPPORTUNITIES too.

let’s welcome the year of AWESOME!

In this year, 2015 I would like to focus on the following goals.


How bout you? No goals? Set it today and stay focused. Let’s make our life more colourful and with full of joy.


Book Review: Make Miracles in Forty Days

Make Miracles in Forty Days


by Melody Beattie

is an awesome book to build your confidence and inner strength to deal with life problems as well as the challenges. The part I love about this book is that the way the writer explains the concept of miracles. By her explanation we can know that we also capable of making miracles. This book is written in a persuasive manner. The writer first share her life experience how she accidentally discovers miracle in her tragic life. Followed by how she founds a formula to make miracles in our life. Then she wrote how she tested her miracle experiment with others and the success. Finally she included some examples of miracle project she had done with her partner. I love how the book was written: simple vocabulary, persuasive manner and almost all my WHY questions has been answered. The best part of this book without realising we will start to know the tool to discover the magnificence in our life. For those who are lack in self confidence, facing problems, need some push in your life or feel that you need a magic in your life: THIS BOOK IS WHAT YOU NEED

This book will transform you and your life. I’m guarantee that you’ll begin to deeply cherish the moments of life. You’ll know it’s the perfect life for you. a simple practice taking ten minutes a day can become for you what it is for me: a leading, guiding light.