Hi I’m Piria!

I’m the founder and editor of “Littlesewinggal”. I’m a soft toy pattern maker, an entrepreneur, a retro lover and youngest daughter of the family.

Since young I love to make my own crafts and send them as my appreciation gifts to all my buddies. It was such a fun to design the crafts, sew it and taking pictures of it. I had noted down all my mistakes, ideas, tutorials and craft tips in making crafts in my notebook.

I want to share all my tips and ideas with other beginner crafters. “Littlesewinggal” blog was created to share all these great tutorials, fun craft tips, marketing ideas and my inspirations. It’s like a mini crafty diary of mine.

Here 15 fun facts about me:

  1. I am a fan of fabrics

  2. I hate chocolates

  3. I eat a lot when I depressed, angry and sad. Basically I love to eat.

  4. I’m the shortest in my family and among my friends too (1.54cm only)

  5. I love travelling

  6. I never ride a roller coaster before this

  7. I’m phobia of heights

  8. My place is always messy. But whenever people ask me to clean up I will say “messy area makes me more creative”

  9. I love to think myself as the Disney princess

  10. I love the smell of Playboy perfume

  11. I hate black color but I love dark guys

  12. I love yellow color

  13. I know I’m not perfect but I proudly will say I love everything about me.

  14. I always imagine how should I live if I’m a popular person

  15. I love retro items especially retro cars

That all about me, the little sewing girl.


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