why blogging important for crafters?

ImageWhat is blog? The answer is simple. It is a place to express yourself. Just like facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media, blog also can be used to express your feeling, your way of life or any messages that you want to said to others. Blog is used for personal or business. Now we only focus on business.

As a crafter do we need a blog? Yes, we do. 

Blog will be best tool for promoting your crafts. I know some of you want to ask me this – – “We have so many alternative ways of promoting but why blogging?” The only thing i can say is keep on reading if you want to know the answer.

Our primary reason of blogging is to drive traffic to our site. By continuously writing great content for your readers you may able to get many followers. These followers indirectly may turn out to be your customers one day. Of course all this does not happen in one night. It depends on your content, diligence, your way of approaching them and mainly your frequency of writing blog posts. We are blogging to know more about what our customers want from us. So we should keep that in our mind while blogging. One tip I would like to share is that when blogging we have to remember that we are talking with people who want to know more about us and how we can help them out. They are not our customers yet! Only by sharing our knowlegde with others we can earn a loyal followers who may become our future customer. Remember sharing is caring. Use blog to help others, not to sell things!

Secondly we should blog to increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All of us want our brand or what we sell to be well known. How to do that? By promoting of course. Blogging helps you to do that. Not only you will get followers but it will help you to build your brand. I’m very sure that all of you knew about the well known search engine Google and how it works. We only need to type keywords and we can find relevant articles about it. But have you noticed one thing when people use Google. They only click the links in the first page. They don’t bother about other links on second page, third page and so on. Why is it so? Simple. They are lazy to do that. So in order to get people to your site you have to be in the first page. Search engine optimization works based on two things keywords and frequency. When you are blogging try to include keywords in your articles at least three times so that it is easy for SEO to identify it. Don’t write it too often or else it will make the article awkward. Secondly let’s talk about frequency. The more you blogging, the higher the probability your page will be on the top of google search result. So in conclusion we can say that by blogging more often you can be in the top of google search result.

Are you still reading? If yes, that’s good. Continue to read to find out the last important reason why we should blog.

Finally we have to blog to develop a good customer relationship. By blogging you’re personally connected with your audience. They will feel more close to you when you able to help them out. 

That’s all. 3 simple but important reasons why you should start blogging by today. And I would like to share a video on how to set up a blog within 4 minutes by Eugene Hennie.

Enjoy watching.

If you find this article useful, share with others. 🙂




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