Find The RIGHT CUSTOMERS to get more Money!!!



How to find the right customers?

If you are asking this question to me then, you already know why target market is very important.

For dummies out there, who still just reading this blog for fun or maybe some let me tell you briefly.

Target market is very important because then only you can sell your products easily. Just imagine everyday you are promoting your product day and night, but you never get the result you want to get. Sure you will be frustrated, angry and give up. Well if you are in the stage of give up, DON’T GIVE UP. You experienced all this failure because you haven’t found your targeted audience. 

I was once a dummy like you. Posting about my product here and there but no sales at all. Finally after following some steps I understood why I failed all these days.

Here it’s time for you stand up and success in your business.

STEP 1: Know About Your Own Product.

Of course I know you know about your product. But understanding some important things about your product will help you determine your target audience. For that, ask several questions to yourself.

  • What am I selling?
  • What makes it so unique compare to my competitors?
  • To whom I want to sell it?
  • Why should people buy from me?

This questions looks simple but think carefully before you answering them. 

Do it now!!! Take a paper, write these questions down. Answer them properly.

Are you done it?

If yes scroll down, if NO do that FIRST!!!


Well after you answer the four simple questions, you will now know your product’s special feature, your market (not the niche market) and finally the problem you’re solving for your customers. To sell a product, you must know what problem you are solving for customers. For example, I’m a plush toy maker. I identified that there is no sound creating plush toy in the market. I will solve this problem by having a recorded voice inside the plush toy. By this method my plush toy becomes unique and I found that my market is people who want plush toy with sound.

Networking step is just a confirmation step. You just have to ask your friends, family members or even strangers to confirm about your main market. Talk yo them about your product. Don’t try to sell. Ask around. Don’t be shy. Get out of your comfort zone. 

STEP 3: Research

yaa…I know it’s kinda boring right..but you have to do it…

Actually already make things very easy for you. Just ask question to him about your market and you will find the perfect answer. Try to read your competitors website and determine what is their targeted market. Join in some forum related to products and ask question to professional and I’m sure they will answer your questions. All this research will finally help you find your niche market.


Are you blur with the words “target market” and “niche market” ?

if yes, read this..or else just skip to the next step.

Target market is a group of potential customers who share same characteristic related to your product. as you know, I’m a plush toy maker. My target market is people with children.

In niche market you will be more focused. For instance, in my case I will be targeting “People with girl children aged from 8 to 12.”.

STEP 4: Familiarize yourself with your market.

You need to understand about your niche market’s demographic and psychographic terms. This will be very useful when you promote your stuff.

The best way is imagine that your niche market is a person. YES YOU ARE CORRECT…… IMAGINE!

For those who still thinking “how to imagine?”

Come let me share with you. 

As usual you need to ask questions about the 

  • gender
  • age
  • education
  • marital status
  • religious background (if it connected with your stuff)
  • lifestyle
  • likes

All this questions will make your niche market look like a person in your powerful mind. what next?

Promote your stuff just by thinking that you are talking to this imaginary person. Your customers will feel connected and will engage with you.


Just follow this simple steps to find your niche market.


If you love this blog post. share it with your friends.

thank you.




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