You own a shop now!!! Now read this to get more customers.


No matter what you sell

Again I repeat,

No matter what you sell, your sales depends on your MARKETING STRATEGIES!

With some money you can always set up shop anywhere easily but without a proper marketing there will be no sales in your shop.

So the question now is how to do marketing?

If the same question hits your mind then you’re with me in the right track..

Keep following me..

Today i just going to focus on social medias

If you used them properly they will be your money-giving trees and of course bring new customer-fruits (nahh…just kidding) and finally will be the perfect root for your business as well.

Now enuf of this intro..let me go straight to the point.

As a business person I won’t say that you should have an business account in pinterest, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

But it will be very good if you have them..

STEP 1: Open accounts in social media

Don’t ever underestimate the power of social media. a small view, one share,one like can bring a big impact in your business life. Since IT’S TOTALLY FREE why are you hesitating?

If you already own all these, THAT’S GOOD. keep it up.

Just erase the step 1 from your mind totally. now let’s move on.

STEP 2: Promote your shop!!!

Aahhhh…this is the important part.

You can promote in many ways

  • Add yourself in other social media groups that are similar to your business. for instance, i’m crafter and i join crafts groups.
  • After joining, actively give comments on other’s post, follow them, read and most importantly post questions. There more you engage with them, the more they want know about you. Now see you are indirectly bringing your future customers without a single penny out from your pocket. But remember don’t just post because you want their attention. You must post with the enthuasism of learning. without passion and enthuasism, you can never move forward in business.
  • Next, share what you’re doing, your ideas, tips and anything you do in you own business page. don’t try to sell your items. Just tell about your items. i know you are confused. But there is a difference. When you try to sell, people just walkaway but if you tell them what it does they may consider buying it. The second approach will always work because you are not forcing them to buy. For example, if are cloth designer and recently made a scarf. you can post about different ways of wearing the scarf.
  • Post something personal about you sometimes. Remember your customers are humans too. Our main motive of having social medias are to interact with others. So tell them about you and your family. You can tell about your recent family event or gathering, your inspirations, your sweet memories that are linked to your business. Anything that can create a lovely bond between you and your customers.
  • This is the most effective marketing way. “GIVEAWAYS”. even I myself would love a lot if able to get my favourite things for free. So do some giveaways. Don’t think that you are losing some profits. think that you are bringing new customers. Indirectly you are doing marketing. no matter what you do remember there is marketing.
  • Do promotion. Promotion with scarcity can bring your sale sky rocket.


STEP 3: Keep doing what you doing and never stop learning

Remember there is always room for learning. Keep on learning in your area of expertise and I’m sure you will discover a lot things. Keep on updating in your social medias to be noticed by your future customers.

If you like this blog means, share it to others.

I will appreciated it alot.



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